About Us

SQUBE is a family company whose head office is located in Słubice. Initially, our specialization was wet varnishing (painting) of small components for companies and manufacturing companies. We have expanded our business with additional services through the trust that our clients place in us and new needs.

As leaders in industrial varnishing, we are guided by several key aspects: timeliness, exceptional quality of orders based on customer needs and continuous development of the company to meet the requirements of today’s market.

We are able to meet all customer needs through the variety of possibilities in the field of industrial varnishing, powder coating and plastic injection.

We provide varnish coating services for elements of any material. We have a wide range of colors (RAL palette) of top manufacturers, which, combined with the latest paint solutions, makes complaints a foreign topic for us.

We carry out tests in various atmospheric conditions, in salt solutions under corrosion and the effects of external factors on the applied coating.

The flexibility that distinguishes us from companies allows us to perform unusual, personalized orders for our business partners.

Thanks to experience and modern technical equipment, we guarantee exemplary production and performance parameters.


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